About us

Lex Fori Lawyers are Solicitors, Barristers, Accredited Specialists, Conveyancers and Immigration Lawyers (MARN 0851270). 

Lex Fori in latin translates as Law Forum and means the law of the Court in which a proceeding is brought.

Lex Fori Lawyers are dynamic and intelligent lawyers who provide expert advice in all legal matters. We are highly experienced and qualified to deal with any matter promptly and effectively.

We are the winners of the Local Business Awards for the Most Outstanding Professional Services.

Lex Fori Lawyers are dedicated to resolve your legal matter and we strive to ensure justice is done.

Lex Fori Lawyers is a premium service law firm with conveniently located offices in the Sydney CBD, Liverpool and Fairfield.  

At Lex Fori Lawyers we strive to provide to our clients practical, realistic and cost-effective solutions. We understand that legal disputes can be difficult times and accordingly we endeavour to align our goals with yours for the best achievable outcome.

We provide premium services, advice and results by having expert lawyers working in the fields of criminal law, family law, compensation law, commercial litigation, traffic law, business law, property law and conveyancing, wills and estates.

We service a broad spectrum of clientele including a broad range of individuals, financial institutions, public and private corporations, corporate executives, professionals, small to medium enterprises and business enterprises. We regard each of these clients as important as the other and are proud to be the chosen legal provider of all our clients, new or existing, big or small. We have provided legal advice for thousands of clients and look forward to doing the same for you.

Our clients expect fast, accurate, and timely legal advice, which will assist them to resolve their problems. We deal with complex legal issues every day of the week and possess the necessary expertise to take on matters and see them through to conclusion.

What sets us apart from other law firms is our unrelenting commitment to our client relationships. We make it our priority to really get to know our clients so we can better understand them and help them succeed.

We attach the highest importance to accessibility and clarity. That's one of the reasons we've succeeded in establishing strong, ongoing client relationships - the kind of relationships where clients identify us with their achievements.

Within this website you will find hundreds of pages of useful legal information written by our lawyers for your assistance. Feel free to contact our Sydney Lawyers, Liverpool Lawyers or Fairfield Lawyers if you require legal advice – we are here to help. Alternatively you can send an online enquiry now and one of our lawyers from Sydney, Liverpool or Fairfield will contact you shortly.

We also speak Assyrian, Chaldean & Arabic.


In reported judgments, the following Judges have this to say about John Odisho Putrus and John Fasha of Lex Fori Lawyers:

Justice Collier of the Family Court of Australia in Sanchez & Huerta Veloz [2012] FamCA 817 at paragraph 27:

"I am told by his solicitor [John Odisho Putrus] who, if I might say so, has done everything and said everything that can be said today...."

Justice Palmer of the Supreme Court of NSW of in Maylord Equity Management Pty Ltd v ReelTime Media Ltd [2008] NSWSC 1045 at paragraphs 15 and 19:

"Enclosed with Mr Fasha's letter was a statement by Mr P. Batterham, the managing director of Maylord, amplifying and particularising the claim summarised in Mr Fasha's letter ...The statement was virtually in the form of an affidavit and had been prepared with care and attention to detail...

I agree with Mr Fasha's statement that the particulars which had already been provided were "complete and more than adequate" ".