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Winner for the Most Outstanding Professional Services


Justice Palmer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales said this about John Fasha

In Maylord Equity Management Pty Ltd v ReelTime Media Ltd [2008] NSWSC 1045 at paragraphs 15 and 19:

"Enclosed with Mr Fasha's letter was a statement by Mr P. Batterham, the managing director of Maylord, amplifying and particularising the claim summarised in Mr Fasha's letter ...The statement was virtually in the form of an affidavit and had been prepared with care and attention to detail...

I agree with Mr Fasha's statement that the particulars which had already been provided were "complete and more than adequate" "

Justice Collier of the Family Court of Australia said this about John Odisho Putrus

In Sanchez & Huerta Veloz [2012] FamCA 817 at paragraph 27:

"I am told by his solicitor [John Odisho Putrus] who, if I might say so, has done everything and said everything that can be said today...." 


Joe and Sharon of Prairewood, NSW

"Very happy with their service!" 5 Stars *****

Fred and Melissa of Liverpool, NSW

"Lex Fori Lawyers took care of the conveyancing process of the purchase of our house. Everything was taken care of smoothly. They were able to settle early for us, which we were very pleased." 5 Stars *****