Defendant Litigation 

Are you being sued?

Have you been served with a Statement of Claim, Summons, Creditor's Statutory Demand or any other Court document? If so, don't leave it too late. You only have limited time to provide a Defence or a response, otherwise, the plaintiff will obtain judgment or orders against you.

At Lex Fori Lawyers, our Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation, John Fasha will defend your case vigorously and will seek costs against the other side. We will use every strategy available to make it hard for the plaintiff to sue you. Such examples include:

  • seeking further and better particulars;
  • security for costs;
  • interlocutory applications;
  • Subpoenas;
  • Notices to Produce;
  • Interrogatories;
  • having the claim struck out; and
  • summary judgment.

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