Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD)

Total and permanent disability insurance is a type of cover designed to provide financial protection in the event that you are unable to work ever again due to injury or illness.

When you suffer an injury or illness that leaves you unable to work ever again, your ability to earn an income is similar to what it would have been if the injury or illness had resulted in your death.

The difference is that you still have to support yourself financially, and there will be no life insurance to support your family.

This is where TPD insurance steps in. The payout from a TPD insurance policy will generally be used in a similar way to a life insurance payout.

Some TPD insurance claims will be fairly straight forward, examples of which include quadriplegia where it will be quite obvious from the beginning whether or not you will be able to continue working. Other cases can be more complex when it is not clear whether or not you will ever return to work.

At Lex Fori Lawyers, we have a dedicated team of lawyers who can help you with your claims and lodgement. We will ensure that all the correct paperwork is submitted with your claim. We will also ensure your lodgement forms are completed exactly as required by your Super fund. This saves you time and ensures the decision is not delayed because you didn’t have the required paperwork.

The law requires that an insurer and a super fund investigate a claim and make all reasonable enquiries required to properly decide the claim. The claim process is not an adversarial “us versus them” approach. There is no onus on the person making the claim to prove their claim. In fact the onus is on the insurer and super fund to properly investigate the claim and make a fully informed decision. The law also requires a claim to be decided promptly.

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