Traffic / Driving Offences

Traffic offences can range in nature from minor to serious. Lex Fori Lawyers have proven experience in dealing with all kinds of traffic offences, achieving outstanding results on behalf of our clients and making the process as smooth and easy to understand as possible.

Traffic Lawyers

Lex Fori Lawyers have a team of lawyers with the experience in traffic law cases that you need to get the best outcome. The following is a selection of our practicing traffic lawyers.

Drink Driving Offences

Drink Driving is considered a serious traffic offence and the penalties range from licence disqualification and fines to imprisonment, depending on how far over the legal blood alcohol limit you are. These penalties increase if you have previously been convicted of a similar traffic offence previously.

In this section of our site, you will find information on :

  • DUI - Driving Under The Influence
  • Novice range drink driving offences
  • Special range drink driving offences
  • Low range drink driving offences
  • Mid range drink driving offences
  • High range drink driving offences
  • Drink Driving Penaties in NSW
  • Drink Driving and Driving Records

If you have been charged with drink driving or DUI, call Lex Fori Lawyers today on 9723 8793 for information and advice on defending your charge.

Dangerous Driving Offences

One of the most serious traffic offences is Dangerous Driving. Penalties for dangerous driving offences vary - the penalty for a charge of aggravated dangerous driving occasioning death can range between 7 and 14 years imprisonment.

The Dangerous Driving section contains further information about;

  • dangerous driving occasioning death
  • dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm
  • aggravated dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm
  • cases where the vehicle is involved in impacts or in causing other impacts.

If you have been charged with a dangerous driving offence, call Lex Fori Lawyers today on 9723 8793for information and advice on defending your charge.

Driving Unlicenced, Suspended or Disqualified

There are multiple traffic offences that deal with driving with a invalid drivers license in NSW.

Offences that may be comitted under the category of driving while disqualified, suspended or unlicensed in NSW are:

  • Driving while never having held a licence in Australia
  • Driving while unlicensed, having held a licence in Australia in the past 5 years
  • Driving while licence is disqualified, suspended or cancelled
  • Driving while licence is suspended under the Fines Act for non-payment of outstanding fines
  • Driving an unregistered vehicle

If you have been charged with an unlicensed driving offence, call Lex Fori Lawyers today on 9723 8793.

Demerit Points for Traffic Offences

Demerit points are used to restrict the number and type of traffic offences that a driver can incur before having a license suspended.

This page contains a comprehensive overview of the different type of traffic offences that carry demerit points and how license suspension can be appealed and avoided.

Speeding Offences

Being charged with a speeding offence can result in heavy fines, loss of demerit points and in some cases, automatic suspension of license.

This page provides information on the fines and demerit points attached to the more common speeding offences.

Obtaining a Section 10

Section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999, gives the court the power to decline to record a conviction and/or impose a penalty despite a finding of guilt. In NSW, this is the best possible outcome for anyone who is found guilty of a traffic offence.

Getting Your License Back

In NSW all applications to avoid penalties (including licence suspensions) on traffic matters occurs by way of a Section 10 appeal.

Habitual Traffic Offender Legislation

In NSW, drivers facing a 3rd conviction for a serious traffic offence, may receive further penalties under the Habitual Offender Legislation.

Depending on the type of traffic offence and any relevant circumstances, penalties for traffic offences can range from fines to losing your licence to a prison sentence. Contact Lex Fori Lawyers today on 9723 8793for more detailed information relating to your traffic offence.