Family Law

It is important that any Family Lawyer you engage can demonstrate that they have a thorough understanding of Family law and your specific issues.  Some lawyers may only practice Family law in limited circumstances or ‘dabble’ in Family Law.  The risk of using lawyers who ‘dabble’ in Family Law is that the area is complicated and you may not receive comprehensive legal advice.

We know the law. Our Lawyer Director, John Odisho Putrus, has worked on family law matters since 2003. He has Masters in Family Law and is a member of the Law Council of Australia – Family Law Section, the Law Society of New South Wales and the Family Law Book. Our Lawyer Director, John Fasha has also worked in family law matters since 2003 and is highly regarded by peers as a top lawyer.

We have an impeccable track record in dealing with complicated parenting disputes and large property settlement disputes. We also service many individuals based in other states in Australia and overseas. Whether you are in Australia or overseas, you can therefore rely on our significant depth of skill and experience to guide you through these difficult times.

We provide clients going through family law difficulties with an open and accessible service. Our lawyers have a practice to call back all clients on the same day they call, if not available to speak at first instance – in short, we place a high emphasis on communication with our clients to assist them through the resolution of their family law matters and ensure we achieve the best legal outcome for them.

The fees charged for our services are fixed and set out for you from the beginning, which avoids the cost blow-outs that are usually synonymous with engaging family lawyers.

Our services and advice include the following: