Tourist Visas

Do you have relatives or friends overseas that would like to come to Australia?

If so, you should consider making an application for a Tourist Visa. A Tourist Visa is a substantive visa that can lead to other permanent visas.

If the visa is for your relative, you would apply for a Sponsored Tourist Visa. If the visa is for your friend or non-relative, you would apply for the ordinary Tourist Visa.

People who live in the middle east require a Tourist Visa to visit Australia. This visa allows people to visit Australia for a holiday or recreation, or to visit family and friends. If granted, this visa will allow your friends or relatives either single or multiple entry to Australia for a stay period of up to 3, 6 or 12 months.

Family members under 18 years of age, who are travelling to Australia and are included on your friend or relative’s passport, can be included in their application.

Generally people from the middle east have harsher requirements to meet to satisfy for this visa. The reason for this is that the Australian Government is concerned that your friends or relatives will try and remain permanently once in Australia. Accordingly, your friends or relatives will have to prove that they have motives to return to their home country. Motives can include having the following in their home country:

  1. substantial assets, such as property;
  2. secure paid employment;
  3. money in the bank; and
  4. other family members.

Therefore, friends or relatives have to prove that they have a genuine intention to visit Australia only for tourism purposes temporarily for a short period. Once this is established a Tourist Visa will be granted. Upon their stay in Australia and if thier circumstances change, your friends or relatives can apply inside Australia for other permanent visas such as:

  • protection (refugee) visa;
  • spouse visa;
  • remaining relative visa;
  • parent visa; or
  • carer visa.

Once an application is lodged in relation for the above permanent visas, your friends or relatives will automatically be entitled to remain in Australia until the permanent visa is being processed. This is done by way of a Bridging Visa.

Please note that generally, Tourist Visas are generally granted with a 'no further stay' condition stated in the passport of your friend or relative. If this 'no further stay' condition is in their passport, they are unable to apply for a permanent visas during their stay in Australia. However, we at Lex Fori Lawyers know how to apply to remove this condition as there are limited exceptional circumstances this can be done.

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