Insurance Law

Lex Fori Lawyers, with offices in Sydney, Liverpool and Fairfield, have expertise in Insurance law and can expertly advise and assist you with any large, complicated and serious insurance matters.

We don't want to waste your time or ours - we only take on medium to large, complicated and serious insurance matters. We do not take on insurance matters where the dispute or claim amount is under $50,000.00. 

Our partners, John Odisho Putrus and John Fasha have extensive knowledge and experience in insurance law. Prior to joining Lex Fori Lawyers, John Odisho Putrus worked as a legal specialist for a leading international insurer. He has many years of experience working as a lawyer of both, the plaintiff and insurer. John Fasha, being an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation by the Law Society of NSW is a highly regarded expert in this field working and succeeding in numerous Court cases.  Therefore, when your insurance matter is handled by Lex Fori Lawyers, you are rest assured that we know all there is to know in insurance law and most importantly we know all the insurers’ tricks and techniques. Since 2008, we have handled over 200 medium to large insurance claims and we have had 98% success rate across the whole board. We have recovered over ten million dollars for our insurance dispute clients.

If you have an insurance dispute or claim, don’t delay it, contact our office to arrange your first free consultation with our insurance specialist.

At Lex Fori Lawyers we provide the following services in Insurance Law: